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Because we want to be more intimate with our Fratmen

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Fratmen POV Debut with Liam and Benji! :D

Dreams do come true, guys. Introducing the real Fratmen POV! Woohoo!

Recently, the guys over at Fratmen posted on their blog that the debut Fratmen POV scene will feature Fratmen Benji and Fratmen Liam, which is going to be featured on their FratmenSUCKS! website. Check out the smoldering preview photos below.



Looking at the photos, it seems that Fratmen Benji will be the lucky cameraman who gets to play with the gorgeous Fratmen Liam. We’re definitely curious what naughty actions will ensue. ;)

See more sneak-peek here:


Tell us what you think. :)

Photos courtesy of Fratmen.

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Fratmen POV Choice #4: Chase

Hello, guys!

The petition signatures flow is a bit slow this weekend, but we already have 22 signatures! How about having some fun time again imagining who will be featured on Fratmen POV? ;)

Enter FRATMEN CHASE! (Well, in an ideal world, we would love to literally enter him, LOL.)


This surfer boy is surely sweet, cute, and all. But he also has a dirrrrrty mind.


Love your boy fuzzy? Then surely Chase is yours. Hmm, we would love to feel up his velvety torso, too.


Can we ride you for an hour or two, babe?


Or maybe, you want us to give some special attention to your perky behind?


Whatever you want, Chase. As long as we get to play with that gorgeous dick of yours—and maybe milk some of that sticky man juice of yours. ;)

To Alan, Leo, Dax, and anyone in Fratmen production, we only have one message: We can’t wait any longer for Fratmen POV!!! 

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Fratmen POV Scenario #1

A bit of update on our petition signatures collection: we already got 20 signatures!

The Fratmen management might have told us that indeed they’re going to produce POV contents, but keep those signatures coming so they will see that we really want it! Sign the petition here:

But now we are excited to do something new here: Fratmen POV Scenario!

As you might have known there are quite a lot of scenarios that can be done in a POV gay porn scene. But, before that  let us state one more time here that POV means there is an interaction between the model(s) and the cameraman. 

We have received some opinions that say they have problems seeing cameraman interacting with the models in some videos because it’s distracting. Some also think it’s a turn-off when an unattractive cameraman gets to ogle his models. Well, to each his own, but here’s our response:

#1 Since it’s POV, the cameraman’s face most likely wouldn’t be shown, except his dick hopefully. ;)

#2 Even if they show the cameraman, I believe Fratmen’s cameramen are hot. And maybe they can even ask a fellow Fratmen to get behind the camera! Not a bad idea, right?

So, moving on with the scenario. Here’s the first thing we have in our mind. And to have it easier for you to imagine it, let’s put Fratmen Cole here. (We are thinking Fratmen would put the video on rather than Fratpad so it will have better video quality for us to enjoy.) ;)


1) Cole is lounging in a sofa at Fratpad, and just like any other scene, the boy is getting horny and start rubbing his pants. The cameraman (let’s call him C) says hi, and proceed near Cole and help him rub his pants.

2) C tells Cole that he’ll help him getting off and ask Cole to open his clothes. Cole does so, and C is amazed by Cole’s gigantic dick. 

3) Cole starts stroking his already erect dick, while C feels up Cole’s body—his hairy chest, his abs, and his arms. YUM.


4) Then, Cole asks C whether he wants to touch his dick. Of course, C cannot say no. He starts jerking Cole’s dick while occasionally rubs Cole’s heavy balls.

5) At the same time, Cole is rubbing C’s dick through his pants. C wouldn’t open it for now, though.

6) C then asks Cole to turn around on the sofa, and let him show his ass. C spreads Cole’s hairy ass cheeks and rub his fingers on Cole’s tight hole.

7) Cole turns around again and now, C wants him to cum. C jerks Cole fast, and a minute later, he cums a lot.

6) C rubs Cole’s cum across his abs and tastes some. Cole says it was one of the best handjob he ever has.


Let us know your dirty thoughts for the Fratmen POV Scenario, guys! ;)

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Fratmen POV Choice #3: Jayden

When we checked out the signatures for our Fratmen POV petition, one signatory says this: "Please do Jayden on fratmen pov!!!"

Why, of course! We would love to see FRATMEN JAYDEN being pleasured by the cameraman, no?

Jayden is probably the Fratmen with the highest amounts of videos, be it on, Fratpad, or Fratmen Sucks!

He is a sneaky one, too, having played some blow games with fellow Fratmen. There are his duo scenes with, among others, Calvin, Cole, and Sam. Jayden has also starred in trio scenes (!!!) with two pairs of twins—most recently with Ajay and Micky. He’s so lucky, ain’t?


Jayden is the epitome of a long and lean Fratmen, who has a very defined body with a sprinkle of hair on it. Cute and mischievous face, too.


But, usually this kind of guys pack a gigantic dick! Don’t you just want to join him in the tub and help him doing some strokes?


Ass dimples! One of the best features on a Fratmen, indeed.


I can see you drooling over there. We, too, want to lap up that sticky pre-cum.

These are old photos (circa 2008), so you’ll be amazed by how Jayden has changed now into a super-hunk. Check here for his trio scene with the twins Ajay and Micky.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep supporting us by signing our petition at Send us suggestions, too, on who and what you want to see in the upcoming FRATMEN POV! You can simply ask us on Tumblr or send us e-mail to

We’ll wait for your support, guys!

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Petition Update #2: BIG NEWS!

We have a huge news to share with you! But before that, let’s tally up the signatures collection for our Fratmen POV petition.


15 signatures already in 2 days! Keep them coming at!

So, the BIG NEWS is…

We just received an e-mail from someone in Fratmen management team! And here’s what he told us:

We are looking into this… and are very interested in starting to film some POV 

Thank you


Woohoo! AND, Fratmen Dax (@FratmenDax) also told us this on Twitter earlier:


They listened and did more! We wonder how Fratmen POV would finally look like in the near future. Definitely stoked that our simple petition is finally being listened!

Of course, THANK YOU for your support until now. But, of course, this is not the end of our, ahem, movement. Keep sending us suggestions and ideas on what, and most importantly, who you want to see in Fratmen POV videos! Then, we will relay it to the Fratmen team.

Fratmen POV: Because we want to be more intimate with our Fratmen… ;)

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Fratmen POV Choice #2: COLE

If yesterday’s Casey is all smooth, then get ready for a rougher ride today.



This sweet guy might seem innocent—but not until you see what is hidden behind his clothes.


His hairy muscled body and—whambam!—a huge thick cock that we can’t wait to stroke. (Big balls, too.)


Oh, what a tease. We know you want to give that hairy hole of his a thorough examination. ;)


Beautiful. Let’s dig in, shall we?


Can’t wait to get more intimate with Fratmen Cole? Then support our petition for FRATMEN POV at! Remember, your signature counts!

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Petition Update #1

Hey, fellas!

In mere hours since we started, we’ve already got 9 (NINE!) signatures on our online petition for Fratmen POV!


Still a long way to go, but we are hopeful that our friends at Fratmen will listen to our plea. So keep promoting this petition and this Tumblr!

Your voice counts and it will definitely bring more hotness in the future. ;)


We now have 11 signatures. KEEP ‘EM COMING!

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Fratmen POV Choice #1: CASEY

Before you get all excited and post your idea on who should debut Fratmen POV, let us have our own choice.


He’s been our favorite Fratmen since he showed on the site several years ago as this hot basketball jock, and who can blame us to put him as our mascot for this petition campaign?!


He is definitely one of the most handsome models on Fratmen. Also, one of the best bodies, definitely. Take a look at his ripped abs and hot chest.


Don’t you just want to run your hands on him? ;) And, of course there is his thick and long schlong, which spurts all the gooey goodness.


Don’t forget the most important ASSet of a Fratmen. Got it?


So, if the guys over at Fratmen would fulfill our wish for FRATMEN POV, we will definitely have Fratmen Casey to debut!

But in the meantime, log on to and check out Casey’s video here.

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INTRO: Petition for Fratmen POV

We all love Fratmen guys, don’t we?


YUM, those uber-sexy college jocks we like to dream about are definitely to die for.

But even though we have seen them in hot solo videos and even sucking each other’s cock (!), lately it’s getting boring.

Therefore, we are creating a PETITION for Fratmen to create a new website/content entitled “FRATMEN POV.”

The man behind this petition (i.e. moi), loves fantasizing about these Fratmen, but wouldn’t it be way better if the videos will help us to fantasize better? FRATMEN POV is something that would take us deeper into a Fratmen’s (sexual) life.

I imagine it to be something like the usual POV video, but with a pizzazz. So the cameraman can help our Fratmen while he masturbates, probably stroking his smooth muscled thighs or tug on his heavy balls (gosh, we are hard already thinking about this). And probably our Fratmen can push his limit and try something new—putting his lips around the cameraman’s cock, for example.

Just imagine, this super-hunky Fratmen Casey licks your own cock and gets his tight asshole rimmed. Can’t wait, eh?


So, support this petition for the people behind Fratmen (Pavlov’s Dog, LLC) to create FRATMEN POV by signing here.

Also, we would like to hear your opinions on which Fratmen models you’d like to see on Fratmen POV’s debut if this petition finally succeeds! Please comment by ASKING US and we’ll create special post every day focusing on a Fratmen model.

Thank you! ;)

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